Conditions Treated

Disruptive Behavior & Tantrums

Anxiety & OCD


CBT Treatments Used

PCIT: Parent Child Interactive Therapy

PCIT is an extremely effective treatment for disruptive behaviors in children. It equips parents with effective tools to address these behaviors while improving their relationship with their child and setting consistent limits.  
SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

Space is a recently developed cognitive behavioral treatment which focuses on training parents to shift from accommodating your child’s  anxiety to learning supportive skills in helping your child through it. This is particularly helpful when the child is not independently motivated to engage in treatment

PMT: Parent Management Training
Parent Management Training is a cognitive behavioral treatment approach which guides parents into using effective skills at addressing challenging behaviors in children. 

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky

Child Behavioral and Anxiety Specialist

Founder and Clincal Director

My OCD Care

Dr. Rachel Kutner

Postdoctoral Fellow

Child Behavioral and Anxiety Specialist

Dr. Thomas DiBlasi

Dr. Thomas DiBlasi

Adolescent and Young Adult Behavioral Specialist

Motivational Specialist

Dr. Michael Ambrose

ADHD, Anxiety, and BFRB, Specialist

Staff  Psychologist

Dr. Kaminetzky didn’t just improve my child’s behavior, he improved our family’s dynamic. We went from feeling helpless and frustrated to calm and empowered. Our son is able to have playdates again and his teachers are stunned by his progress. Most importantly, learning the skills of PCIT makes us confident that these results will be maintained for years to come. 
Mark, New York City

Our daughter had been to three different therapists prior to working with Dr. Kaminetzky. She was totally resistent to therapy to address her OCD symptoms which was getting progressively worse. We would spend over an hour every day, reassuring our daughter nothing bad was going to happen to us. Using SPACE, Dr. Kaminetzky was able to provide successful treatment to our daughter, by teaching us the skills we needed to fight the OCD. We can’t thank you enough!
Dana, Westchester